Christy Cones shares her thoughts on what is NOT included in the final version of Who is America...

You mention in a few publications how things happened during the shooting that did not turn up in the final version. Could you discuss some of these in a little more detail?

Well, sure, I mean there were lots of different things. Keep in mind we shot for almost an hour and a half straight. One of the things is all the different types of artwork that Mr. Sherman brought in. There were mixed-media works and lots of other portraits not shown. One, in particular, was of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a wrestling rink with a map of the US painted on the mat below. Hillary had Trump in a headlock, but Pence was standing on the top rope about to pounce on her. There were other political figures too, Bernie, I know, Comey, and Putin. It was done fairly well. You could actually discern the different characters enough to tell who they were.

What? There was a depiction of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a wrestling match?

Yeah, crazy, I know. But I liked it. I have always appreciated art as a critique on politics. And that's what it was. I'm actually surprised they did not include it in the final version. Maybe it will turn up at the gallery later and I can share it with you. It was full of motion and volatility, far more sophisticated than its medium perhaps suggest. I mean I kind of started to fall in love with Mr. Sherman's work at that point as satire of the most serious kind, such as could make or break the fate of politicians. And now, looking back, that's exactly what the show was on a larger level.

What other stuff was excluded? Besides works of art?

Lots of things, for example, what we did and said. I remember also...I cannot recall the exact sequence...but either before of after Mr. Sherman finally went away to do my portrait, we made a joke about the fact that I was wearing a pearl necklace, and he was like "oh yes, I will make sure to add it in to the portrait". It was outrageous! Other things too, like while he was in the restroom ostensibly making my portrait, he was making all kinds of noise. I could hear him knocking and banging against things, yelling, groaning, and grunting. At one point, I almost went in to make sure that he was okay. I also remember more seriously asking him what kind of dreams he had in prison, and whether after a while, a person lost the ability to dream of the outside world and freedom. He actually broke down and began to cry during that portion, as if I were forcing him to relive those harrowing moments in the cell. It was so persuasive. I want to #seethetapes

WTF that is hilarious! Wow, and the whole time you had no idea who he was?

None, whatsoever. I mean, I knew he could be like an actor, or something, because the whole thing appeared suspect from the start. But I did not really even think about it. I just was thinking about my own part and playing it the best I could. It was fun. It was intoxicating. It was electrifying. I felt that I was doing something important the whole time, no matter how outrageous it seemed. I was inspired. I never stumbled. I knew just what to say as if I had been waiting for that moment my entire life.

Well you did a great job in the end!