Todd White Giclees


Michael Todd White (born 1969 in San Antonio, Texas) is a figurative expressionist painter who is a self-described “observational artist” and known to the public for his “Rat-Pack meets Picasso” style of art.

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The Boa Constrictors
Dead Man’s Hand todd white
I Don't Wear Pink
Tainted Love.jpg
Summer of '69
Highballs In Houston
todd white bad girl
Business As Usual
aneurysm in la
Dead Sexy
Current Sticky Situation
Artwork 2
Artwork 4
Artwork 1
Tee Time
These Girls Are Better off In My Head
True Love Forever
A Little Fling
Action Sticks
All Lit Up
Always On the Run
American Spirits - Unique
Baby Blue
Bar Code
Bar Tales
Dead Man's Party
Full Nelson
Get A Sense of Humor
Girl Party Reunion
Girl Party
He's Got Her Keys
One in the Hand
Heartaches Are Free
Hocus Pocus
I'll Just Be Here Waiting
Lie N Wait
Liquid Assets
My Brand New Sex Pistol
Night at Nic's
Downward Spiral
Oh My Lucky Stars
Piano Bar
Pour Your Heart Out
Risky Behavior
Silly Dreams
Sugar n Chocolate
Take Only What You Need From Me
This Is About To Get Screwy
Tickling the Ivory
Who's Got This Round
Pour It On
She Never Sleeps Alone
Simply Complicated
Silly Men, Girls Don't Pay
Six String
Sleep With Me
The Hills
Spirit of the Chase
Well Over Par
When Angels Sell Their Wings
Without Demons and Doubts
Don't Call me Doll
Feet off the Couch
Forever Dueling
Furious Desires
Hard on the Knees
Her Satisfied Place
Inside of You is that Side of You
Those Mad Mad Chefs
Panning for Gold
Passing Notes at a Bar