Michael Parkes Sculpture


Parkes could draw even before he could read and write. He was an only child, raised in Canalou ,Missouri , a typical American Midwest town in the fifties. He attended art school where he met the woman, artist and musician to whom he remains married more than three decades later, Maria Sedoff. Parkes...

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Goddess of the Hunt
The Mermaid's Secret
Dark Unicorn
Tuesday's Child
The Rose
The Letter
The Guardian
Summer Storm
Startled Sky Nymph
See No Evil
Sacred Fire
Night Flight
Morning Light
Magic Spring
Lion's Return
Last Peony
Last Lion
Isabella and Bella
Disillusioned Man
Ex Libris (small)
Black Panther White Wings
Bella Blue
Angel of Dawn
Angel of August
Angel Affair (bas relief)
Angel Affair
Goddess of the Hunt (traditional patina)
Last Lion (alt view)
Ex Libris (small, traditional patina)
Ex Libris (small, custom patina)
Rex Libris (red)
Rex Libris (green)