Michael Parkes Lithographs


In the fantasy world of Parkes, the laws of earthly reality are abolished, and space and time enter into their own motionless communion. It is tempting to speak of a dream world with Parkes, if it were not for the fact that the ‘dream world’ of Michael Parkes surpasses all of our dreams in audacity,...

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Angel of Hidden Things
Almost Fallen Angels (I and II, 2 piece set)
An Angel's Touch
Angel Affair
Angel of August
Ballet Mistress
Beatrice Alone
Beyond The Night
Broken Promises
Child's Play Suite (String Games and Chess Games)
Concerti Vivaldi
Conquering Daemons
Cost Fan Tutte Suite (4 pieces)
Court Painter
Dante and Beatrice (set of 2)
Dark Sphinx
Designing the Sphinx
Diamond Warrior
Diamond Warrior
Dragon Collector
Educating Eve
Egg Collector
The Frog Collector
The Garden
Gift of Wonder
Going Nowhere
Golden Salamander
Golden Serpent
Guardian Feather
Hummingbird Collector
Jeanne d Arc
Juggler's Monkey 1984
The Key
L Apres Midi du Faun
The Mask
Mayan Spring
Monkey Dancer 1984
Moon Harp
Music Master
Music Master
Night and Day
Nubian Girl
Petrouchka 83
Rainbow Sphinx